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Bhan Art Digital is a Solution Hub to provide the CG (Computer Generated)and seres to Designers,  Architects, Technical Companies and Real Estate Developers for their growing needs of Visual presentations as an Effective Communication Tool. Our aim is to give the cutting edge of Animation and the Highest Quality of Visual Imagery for our Client’s Demands.


        We've been providing Visualization and Animation across the globe, entrusted by some well-known design firm in the Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, We are also collaborating with some Visualization house based in Africa, Australia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America


All-In One Visualization Hub
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With more than 15 years of experience in 3D Visualization. Animation, Graphic Arts, CAD, nd Architectural Coordination. His works had been published and used globally as a technical document and Visual Tools. Also, a self-trained photographer that gives him a dynamic perspective for client's projects.

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Architectural Miniature
Scale Model

Our Experience in both Local and International in the Architectural Model Making 

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Have been providing Graphic Layout, Design and Prints to well know Philippines Product Companies. Her years’ experience as a Freelancer on both Graphic Design and Photography give her keen eye on providing high quality Images

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Remote Work Staff

With our Network of Artistic and Technical People, we can connect Talents to Creative Firms and Companies to expand their Team with highly Skillful Team that will provide calibrated production output while saving in investment. 

Our Process

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Client will Provide Information
Create Initial Test and Drafts
Provide Comment and Feedback with reference
Coordination and Changes
Approval for Final Output
Finalization of the Output
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